Set in the hardscrabble, Catskills Mountains town of Walton, Animals pits Murphy, a small time criminal trying to change his ways, against Patience, a sinister animal control officer who captures his runaway dog Barney. Murphy battles Patience for the return of his best friend and in doing so he must confront his criminal past, face his uncertain future, and decide what type of person he really is. 

Animals was inspired by the stories, legends and small town rumors that permeate the area where I live: Delaware County, New York. Dairy farmers, artists, meth heads, criminals, downstate yuppies and Woodstock hippies all live together in lush river valleys and on stubby green mountains. By day it’s a pastoral paradise, but at night things get a little sideways.

I wanted to tell a story about these characters, in these places, and in doing so, I wanted to shine a light on some of the deep-rooted problems that fuel the demons that inhabit this place. The decimated economy, broken down infrastructure, and a criminal justice system rife with corruption are a few of the many troubles that people here face.

While Animals is a character and theme driven film, it’s also a wild, raucous, darkly humorous movie. With passionate performances, a rocking score, colorful language and a couple of gallons of blood, we hope to show you a good time and also send you home with a new perspective on life in the Western Catskills.
— Jason